EP L4 Diploma in Executive English

Certificate in Executive English covers a wide range of knowledge for the learners to build up a strong ground-up of the day-to-day business English writing. The qualification is designed to develop the professional English writing skills required in the workplace. By attaining this qualification, learners will have an opportunity to prepare and compete in today’s global market as international managers and executives.

Key facts

Course fee: Only £69

This fee includes:
  • Access to the course via ABP Learning Management Portal.
  • Take ‘Test Quiz’ before final Exam.
  • Two attemtps for final exam.
  • Hard copy certificate from ABP, UK via Royal Mail Service of England.

Course Information

  • Level-3 as per UK Qualifications Framework.
  • Open entry qualification.
  • Final Assessment: 100 MCQ Exams.
  • Pass Mark: 50%.
  • Self study and exam from anywhere in the world.
  • Online proctored exam.

Five easy steps to achieve the certificate


Our vision

"Transform career into profession."


Who will benefit?
  • College & undergraduate students
  • Graduates
  • Individuals seeking jobs
  • International Business Executives
  • International Business Managers
What will you learn?

The qualification has the following two units:

  • Logistics Management
  • Supplier Relationship Management

Credits: 2 Units x 20 credits = 40 credits

Entry Requirements

This is an open entry qualification. That means this qualification is open to all individuals without any prior qualification. However, the centre should ensure that learner have a reasonable expectation of success of the qualification by assessing the relevant previous qualifications and/or related work experience.

How will you be assessed?
  • Learners are assessed via a range of assessment methods to ensure that all the learning outcomes and assessment criteria are met in a way that enhances their learning experience. The assessments will allow learners to demonstrate a clear grasp of the concepts and their ability to link theory to practice and to communicate clearly in the construction and engineering field at the appropriate level.


    Although a variety of assessment methods may be used, the demands made on learners within and between centres must be comparable to ensure consistency of assessment. To achieve this qualification, all the learning outcome are assessed by a combination of formative and summative assessment.


    Assessment methods may include:

    assignments | case studies | integrated work activities | group and individual presentations | projects | reports | time constrained tests | examinations | Viva Voce


    All centre-marked assessments are subject to external verification to ensure that standards are maintained comparatively against internal and external benchmarks.

How and where can you study?

Edupro qualifications are completely centre-based. That means you need to register with a particular centre at your convenient location to complete the qualification.


On completion of this qualification, learner will have the opportunity for a wide range of academic progression including EP Level 3 Diploma in Business Communication and then to EP Level 4 Diploma in Business Management.

What does it cost?

Please contact your nearest centre to know about the fees for this qualification

Recognition of prior learning (RPL)

If you have achieved any relevant qualification or professional experience, or credit through prior learning from other institution and/ qualification, you may be eligible to use this experience against some of the qualification-requirements for a period of study. You will need to present evidence that you have met the learning outcomes of the qualification.

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