ABP - Making Professionals Globally

ABP is the trading name of Academy of Business Professionals Ltd registered in England with company registration number 14298441. ‘Academy of Business Professionals’, ‘ABP-making professionals’ are the registered trademark of ABP.

ABP specialises in management training and consultancy, communication, audit, social affairs, environment, individual efficiency, and effectiveness, which are delivered by a team of industry experts with a focus on ethical conduct. ABP organises seminars and workshops in different areas i.e. HRM, Logistics and Supply Chain, Project Management, Sales and Marketing, Islamic Banking and Finance and many more on a regular basis. More than 10,000 people have received different services from ABP. ABP is a Learning and Exam Centre (LEC) of Edupro, UK and approved Registration Centre of AAOIFI, Bahrain.

ABP is an Ed-tech organisation offering ‘home-service’ of affordable and quality education to the world.


Our vision

"Transform career into profession."

Our Mission

Quality Education

Provide high quality education opportunity within a professional community

Working Culture

Enhance work environment through accountability, creativity and ethical rigour.

Promising Profession​

Build promising careers for ABP learners and staff by enhancing the network of professionals.

"Explore our site to find the perfect qualification to move your career forward with ABP. Contact us now for instant assistance."